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Payments for Personal Training, Small Group Training, and Booty Boot Camps MUST be made prior to the first training session.

Advance purchase of training sessions is encouraged for a number of reasons. Pre-payment keeps the client accountable for the sessions; a session missed is money wasted. Clients who attend Personal Training, Small Group Training, and Booty Boot Camp sessions on a regular and consistent basis tend to experience better results than those who do not attend regularly and consistently. Clients who purchase training packages in advance will receive a special discount from the regular purchase prices of training sessions and/or boot camp sessions depending upon the size of the package purchased.

In-Person Payments Include: Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Personal Checks , Money Orders,  and Cashier’s Checks.

Advance payments may be purchased HERE using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

All Checks should be made payable to HIGH OCTANE TRAINING

Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Cashier’s Checks may be mailed to the following address:
High Octane Training
c/o Karin DeLuca
P.O. Box 7437
Round Rock, TX 78683-7437


All scheduling, rescheduling, or cancellations should be done through Karin DeLuca via cell phone/text message to (512) 923-9087 or
via e-mail highoctanetraining@hotmail.com or myhighoctanetraining@gmail.com

All Personal Training/Small Group Training sessions and times will be scheduled before the first session of the package. Drop-ins for Booty Boot Camps are permitted, but advance notice is encouraged and appreciated to allow Karin DeLuca to provide adequate space and equipment.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please call or send a text message to Karin DeLuca at (512) 923-9087 or email Karin DeLuca at highoctanetraining@hotmail.com or myhighoctanetraining@gmail.com

24 hours notice is required for a cancellation or rescheduling in order to receive credit for the session. Failure to cancel within this time frame or failure to show up for a session will result in the client being charged for the session. If the cancellation is less than 24 hours from the scheduled time, the training session is missed, forfeited, and billed; the money billed and session missed are non-refundable. Credits for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are at the sole discretion of Karin DeLuca, Personal Trainer, and Owner of High Octane Training.

Exceptions will only be made in the case of a medical emergency or a doctor’s appointment, which must be accompanied by a written and signed doctor’s note. Inclement weather does not cancel outdoor Booty Boot Camps; an alternate location will be provided to all participants as the need arrives.


Clients are expected to begin working out at the start time of the scheduled training appointment time. A late start time does not entitle a client to a session longer than the scheduled appointment. Please remember that other clients may be scheduled after your session and all clients deserve the same courtesy and consideration with regard to session start and finish times. Booty Boot Camps will begin on time; boot camp attendees are permitted to participate even if they arrive late; however, they will pick-up where the current session is at within the time-frame and are not entitled to an extended time period to make up for the missed time.

Karin DeLuca, Personal Trainer, and Owner of High Octane Training will wait a maximum of 15 minutes for the client to show up for the scheduled training session appointment time. If the client fails to show up or notify Karin DeLuca within the 15 minute time frame from the start of the scheduled session, the scheduled session is termed as “missed”, “forfeited” and the client will be billed for the missed session. Please note that if the client is late for the training session appointment, Karin DeLuca is not obligated to make up the missed time. For example, if the client is 15 minutes late and arrives for the appointment, the session will only last 45 minutes. If the client fails to show up for the scheduled session, the client’s session may be termed as forfeited and the session billed at the sole discretion of Karin DeLuca; the session missed and billed is non-refundable.